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Born in Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia 1943


1994-95  M.A. (Research), Deakin University, Geelong

1962-66  National Art School, Sydney.

1961   Julian Ashton’s School of Art and Desiderius Orban Studio, Sydney


1997-2009  Art Critic, Herald Sun, Melbourne

1996-97 Director, National Art School, Sydney

1990     Artist-in-Residence, Edinburgh University, Scotland, UK

1986-91 Principal Lecturer Co-Ordinator Post-Graduate Studies, Fine Art Department, Faculty of Art, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.

1983-86 Principal Lecturer, Co-Ordinator Post-Graduate Program, Deputy Head Faculty of Art and Design, Phillip Institute of Technology, Melbourne.

1973-82  Senior Lecturer, Painting, School of Art & Design, Prahran College of Advanced Education, Melbourne

1978     Visiting Artist, Gloucestershire, School of Art & Design, UK

1972-82  Art Critic, Sun News Pictorial, Melbourne

1971     Lecturer in Painting, PCAE, Melbourne

1968-70  Lecturer, National Art School, Sydney



2013  Finalist, John Glover Art Prize, Tasmania 

2012   Finalist, Rick Amor Drawing Prize, Art Gallery of Ballarat

2011    Finalist, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize 2011, Brisbane

2010    Finalist, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize

2010    Finalist, Calleen Art Award, Finalist, NSW

2009   Finalist, Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane.

2008   Finalist,Tattersall’s Club Landscape Art Prize, Brisbane.

2008   Finalist , John Glover Art Prize, Tasmania. 

2007   The Makin Hotel  -  commissioned to create a series of paintings and prints for a forty suite boutique hotel ( the first of the Art Series Hotels each one named after a leading Australian artist and exclusively featuring their art ) at  48 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne.

2002   William Creek and Beyond. The Deague Family Art Foundation commissioned 10 artists, of which Makin was one, to travel to Lake Eyre, South Australia, and  produce  a series  of paintings and  participate in a documentary film  based  on the expedition, which was further documented in a book, William Creek and Beyond.  The collection toured  a number of public galleries, and now forms the basis of the Deague Foundation private collection.

1998  Commissioned by AMP to paint a large scale mural  for their new corporate headquarters in Brisbane. Entitled The Bulloo Overflow  this entailed  a painting expedition to work on location at Bulloo Downs, a AMP cattle station south of Thargomindah, in south-west Queensland.  

1995-98 Australian Government Post-Graduate Research Scholarship, Deakin University, Melbourne

1993   Commissioned  by the Commonwealth Savings Bank to create,  A Romantic Trilogy, three 2.5m x 3m canvases, in the  World Trade Centre, Sydney

1993/94 Commissioned by  the Hilton International Hotel, Brisbane, to create a large scale mural (11x4metres)  for the hotel atrium which became known as, The Hilton Waterfall. 

1992  Commissioned by the Federal Airports Corporation  to paint two large scale paintings in the VIP Lounge, International Airport, Sydney.

1992  Winner. Tattersall's Club Art Prize, Brisbane

1987    Commission:  Victorian Ministries for Transport Public Art Project, ‘Transporting Art’ to paint,   The  Desert Tram.

1985   Winner, Gold Coast Purchase Prize, Queensland

1980  Prize winner, Melbourne International Centenary Exhibition.

1980  Portrait commission - Professor James Steel, for the School of Veterinary Science, Melbourne University.

1979   Commissioned by the National Bank of Australasia to design a tapestry,  woven by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop, Melbourne.

1976   Winner. Townsville Pacific Festival Purchase Award, Queensland
1976    Winner. Rockhampton Art Prize, Queensland

1971   Winner. Gold Coast Purchase Prize, Queensland

1965   Winner. Mirror-Warratah Art Prize, Sydney

1964    Awarded Art Progression Scholarship, National Art School, Sydney



Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney

Art Gallery of WA, Perth

Australian National Gallery, Canberra

Australian National University, Canberra, ACT

Banker’s Trust, Sydney

Benalla Art Gallery, Victoria

Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria

BHP Collection, Melbourne

Brisbane City Hall Art Gallery and Museum, Brisbane

Castlemaine Regional Art Gallery, Victoria

CBUS Collection of Australian Art, Melbourne

Chelsea Art Club, London

Coles Myer Collection, Melbourne

Dalby Collection, Queensland

Deakin University Art Collection, Victoria

Domus Australia, The Vatican, Rome

Edinburgh University Collection, Scotland

Flinders University, Adelaide

Geelong Art Gallery, Victoria

Gold Coast City Collection, Queensland

ICI Collection, Melbourne

La Trobe University Collection, Melbourne

Macquarie Group Collection

McClelland Gallery, Victoria

Medibank Collection, Melbourne

Monash Medical Centre Foundation – Fine Art Collection, Melbourne

Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin

National Bank of Australasia Collection of Modern Art, Melbourne

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne

Parliament House Collection, Canberra

Pegasus Gold Corporation, Washington DC, USA

Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane

R & I Bank, Perth

Rockhampton Art Gallery, Queensland

Rothschild Bank Collection, London

Sale Regional Art Centre, Victoria

Savage Club Art Collection, Melbourne

Stuart College of Advanced Education, Adelaide

Swan Hill Regional Gallery, Victoria

Tattersall’s Club, Brisbane

Townsville Art Gallery, Queensland

Victorian Premier’s Department Collection, Melbourne

University of Melbourne, Melbourne 



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